Babel on Demand, 2012

This book presents a series of open books placed next to each other. The book is like a domino, with two sides: the left-hand and right-hand pages. Each open book summons another book, which contains a similarity in its pages. This mental game allows a hazardous pictorial roam. When we began the exercise, we knew what our starting-point was, but not where it would lead us. Through the pages, the exploration sketches a portrait of the player, as the chosen route lays bear their imagination and pictorial memory. The whole forms a random and wonderfully absurd picture story. The book is built around a very strict technique, which, curiously, enables images to be melded in a unrestricted, inventive way. A modus operandi that recalls Georges Perec’s Oulipian constructions or the portmanteau words of Lewis Carroll.

client: Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme, Chaumont
technique: digital printing
format: 200 × 250 mm
pages: 64