Minute Papillon, 2018

Graphic design for the solo exhibition by the French designer Florence Doléac in Cercle Cité, Luxembourg. Inspired by the work of Florence Doléac, often transforming soft objects into hard objects, and in the other way, transforming hard objects into soft objects, we imagined a signage system completely soft. The catalog is like a « feuille de chou » (cabbage leaf), term in french signifying a small publication printed on a large sheet of paper. It is printed on the tear-proof paper Tyvek (providentially manufactured in Luxembourg). The sheet of paper was delivered flat to the gallery. The sheet, was then crumpled live, in front of the person who gets a copy, provoking surprise, fun or fright. Slightly crumpled, descriptions of each object presented in the exhibition, cut out from the printed sheet are simply nailed to the wall.

client : Florence Doléac, Cercle Cité, Luxembourg
technique : offset printing on Tyvek
photography : © Patrick Muller